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Please see illustrated in the pictures a few of the Thousands of flat roofs we have replaced and renewed over our 35 years repairing and renewing all types of roof.  One of the most important qualities to installing a first class roof to our customers is our experience in the roofing industry.  Offering all aspects of roofing from stuctural to aestetic look gives our customers peice of mind that when there roof has been renewed by us it will not only stand the test of time but will also be pleasing to look at.  all our flat roofs have life ecxpectency of between 25-35years and roofs that we completed over 30 years ago are still standing the test of time and giving our customers great and improving vlue for money.

Flat Roof Repair
Enfield / Waltham Cross

Flat Roof Renewed to Broxbourne Sports Club, Broxbourne, Hertfordshire

Flat Roof Repairs
Broxbourne / Hoddesdon

Broxbourne Sports Club Flat Roof Renewal for Squash Courts, all our roof works are carried out to the highest standard to get the longest possible life span from a flat roof,  materials use when renewing a flat roof are of the highest standard so you can be assured of a roof system that will deliver you the longest roof life span that a flat roofing system can deliver in the roofing industry.

Flat Roofing Repair
Broxbourne / Hoddesdon

Flat Roofing Renewal service in Tollesbury, Essex NR Maldon

Flat Roof Repairing Service
Maldon / Tiptree / Essex

above is a new flat roof that was renewed on a property in Tollesbury, Essex. The flat roof is 3 layer high
performance torch on felt. As you can see from the picture due to the large size of the flat roof coverings the roof was stripped and layed
 in stages as the weather at the time of renewing the roof was very changable being on the coast.

Below is the completed flat roof in Tollesbury, Essex

Flat Roof Repairs
Maldon / Tiptree / Essex

Below is a fire damaged Flat Garage Roof renewed to a property in Middlesex, Hertfordshire. All the roof joists where renewed
 and new pvc fascias and gutters installed, new roof decking with a 3 layer high performance roofing felt layed for a 20 year new roof Guarantee.

Above is a flat roof renewed in Hadley Wood, Hertfordshire, all the old 3 layer roofing system was removed, all roof decking repaired
 where damaged with 18mm ply and a new 3 layer roof system installed,  Lead roof cover flashings are fitted to all walls.

Flat Roof Repairs
Golders Green / Finchley / Barnet

Above is a new flat roof installer in Maida vale, london. The flat roof was renewed with 3 layer high performance
 roofing felt. As with all our new flat roof systems all lead flashing where renewed in code 4 Lead.

Flat Roofing Repairs
Barnet / Golders Green / Finchley

Above is a Flat Roof service we carried out in maida vale west London,  the roofing felt and decking were stripped, 18mm Ply roof decking fitted with the 3 layer felt roofing system installed. New Lead flashings were fitted to all parapit walls.

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We are a local company established since the early 80s with a high level of experience in the flat roofing industry. The main bulk of our flat roofing services are domestic home flat roofing which will involve every aspect of flat roof work.  If you require a Free quote for the renewal and replacement of your flat roof or advice on the best flat roofing options please feel free to contact me Andy Hooper on the above number.

The flat roof is is often thought to be the worst of all roof constructions, mainly due to its shorter life span a flat roof has against the pitched roof, it is often said that flat roofing is nothing but trouble but this is not true as most flat roofs correctly installed by a roofing contractor with a long experience in flat roofing and other aspects of roofing will last between 25 to 30 years and beyond if left alone with nobody constantly walking on them without care.  The other and main reason that flat roofs can be a problem is that the roof was poorly installed by people roofing of little experience or pride of there roofing work.  This lack of pride in there roofing is easy to spot as they speed away with your hard earned cash because cash is often there 1st requirement leaving you little room for complaint when the roof starts leaking. As you can see from the website the new flat roofing in the pictures are as all our flat roofing installations completed to the manufactures specifications and all the flat roofing materials are of a high standard which will provide a flat roof that will stand the test of time and give our customers peace of mind and value for money as our exaust nears the corner and beyond.  If you would like a FREE QUOTE for the renewal of a flat roof please call one of the above number or e-mail your details and we will get back to you.

Thankyou for taking the time to visit our website and we hope that viewing our roof work pictures displays our dedication to detail to provide a 1st class roofing service that offers the best roofing solutions at afordable prices giving the best value for money in these tough times.