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 Slate roofs we have renewed and repaired over the last 30 years providing a high level of roofing service to our customers. Slate roofs are one of the best forms of roof construction/protection and offer one of the longest life spans of all roof constuction, we renew and repair all types of slate roofs to the highest standard using the best natural slates on the market.  Slates we use are Spanish Welsh and Chinese.  Most victorian homes will have welsh slates from original and the roof structures would have been designed to only carry the load of slates and not heavy concrete interlocking tiles.  Sadly many homes in the 70s,80s & 90s were re-roofed in concrete tiles which over time have caused the roofs to sage under the heavy load which can often be seen with the apearence of the tiles above deviding walls appearing to rise when actually the centre of the roof is dropping.  Additional timber purlins and props can be added to help reduce this movement but often the best long term choice is to strip the roof off all the heavy concrete tiles and renew in slates which the roofs were designed for.

Slate Roof Replacement
Epping, Essex

To the right is a slate roof renewed in Walthamstow East London, the roof battens, nails and flashings were weathered but the roof slates were in good order but slipping out due to the nails decaying.  The roof was stripped and all good quality slates set aside approx 70%  the roof was then felt and battened with breathable felt, Tanalised battens and Galvanised nails. We then fitted a new Lead Valley to the rear addition and re-slated the roof with all salvaged slates and new salvaged slates to match existing roof slates, new Lead soakers were installed to all wall abutments, once all slates were fixed using Copper nails the Lead stepped flashings were cut to size and fixed to all wall abutments and then pointed with a 4-1 pointing mix of sand and cement, finally the ridges were rebeded with a 3-1 mix of sand and cement

Slate Roof Replacement
Enfield, London

On the Left is a new Slate roof renewed in Enfield Middlesex London.  salvaged second hand slates were used along with the existing slates salvaged.  2" X 1" Tanalised battens were fixed on Tyvec breathable felt fixed with Galvanised nails.  All soakers to wall abutments were in code 3 Lead and all stepped flashings into brickwork were in code 4 Lead, roof slates were all fixed with copper nails

Slate Roof Replacement
Enfield, London

Above is one of the many Slate roofs that we have renewed, The slates used on re-roofing the above property are 20" x 10" chinnese slates fixed withe Copper nails on 2 x 1" tanalised battens and breathable felt.

The roof on the right is in Crouch end, London and was renewed using salvaged roof slates, all slates were carefully stripped with all good quality slates set to one side.  The roof was felt and battened with Breathable felt and Tanalised bettens fixed with Galvanised nails. Code 3 lead soakers were fitted to all wall abutments as the roof was re-slated, code 4 Lead stepped flashings were fitted into parapit wall abutments and pointed with sand/cement 4/1 

Above is a slate roof on a 3 storey property in Hampstead, London. All the existing slates and battens where stripped, new tanalised roofing battens and breathable felt fixed to roof rafters. Spannish roof slates where fixed with copper roofing nails, also all new Lead roof flashings to parapit walls and chimney stacks.


Slate Roof Repairs
Hampstead, Camden

On the left is a new slate roof renewed in Hampstead london, All slates and battens were removed and cleared from site, the slate were not re-usable due to back in the 80s a cheap repair of coating the roof with a fine mesh and bitchumen was carred out making the slates not reusable so on this roof we used Spanish 20" x 10"slates.  All roof slopes were felt and battened in Tanalised 50mm x 25mm battens and breathable felt, new spanish slates were fitted with Copper nails and code 3 soakers to parapit wall abutments.  Code 4 stepped Lead flashings were fixed to walls and new clay hip and ridge tiles beded with sand/cement 3/1