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We carry out all roof repairs from from damaged caused by high winds and storms to general wear and tear, we carry out ridge tile replacement and roof tile replacement, slate replacement and chimney stack damage which are all things we offer a fast reliable service for.

Rainwater Gutters on all properties at some point in time will require cleaning, overhauling or replacing, a leaking guttering can cause much damage to a property over time and and early repair to broken or defective guttering is alway highly recomended. Today more and more gutters require cleaning due to the build up of moss on the roof surface and the gradual breakdown of composite roof tiles, it is the same break down of the comopsite roof tile that makes the tiles more porrus and over time allows the problem with moss build up which increases rapidly which then speads up the process of the tiles breaking down, WE DO OFFER A MOSS CLEANING SERVICE WITH SOME WORRYING FACTS, please visit our moss cleaning page.

We offer a service that can repair or replace all types of guttering in cast iron, aluminium, zinc or pvc, we have ladder access for 3 storey houses for guttering at high level and above this we use cherry pickers or scaffolding. Outlet blockages are the most common cause of guttering problems with Tennis balls being very near the top, often when the outlet is blocked it puts added pressure in the guttering in other places like joints and corners which then break down some time fall down under the weight of water being held in the guttering.  The rubbers in the joints of pvc guttering harden over time and can often need repairing or replacing as do the putty joints on cast iron guttering. So weather you guttering needs repairing or replacing call today for a Free Quote to fix the problem.

Garage roof replacement
Garage flat roof in Broxbourne
Garage Flat Roof Replacement

 We carry out all aspects of roof Carpentry and construction of roofs and loft rooms, we fit additional timbers and purlins where roof structures require additional support often to carry heavier roof materials.  Often cowboy roofing contractors will replace the existing roof covering like slate and put heavier concrete tiles on creating to much load for the roof structure, if this is not addressed over time the roof rafters will begin to buckle under the increased load and the roof will begin to sage in the middle mainly.  The best way to prevent this is to renew the roof with the same materials the roof was constructed and designed for.  In the cases this is not possible due to sourcing or cost we highly recommend that the roof structure is strengthened to cope with the additional weight which we can carry out to prevent future problems occurring.  The most common problem with a weak roof is the movement will disturb the flashings causing cracking and leading to a leak as the roof breaks down.  Sagging roofs also lead to the pitch of the roof changing allowing water through the tiles to rot the battens and felt before the rafters.  Heavy snow has in the past caused weak roof structures to fail and cave in on them selves which in the times of extreme weather is worth keeping in mind if you notice a sagging in the roof.  To the right is a Garage re-build in Hertfordshire, the flat roof on the garage was entirely re-built with new Joists, roof decking and heat bonded felt lay to roof surface. The garage door which was badly damage was replace with a new garage door, the new garage door was and up and over garage door with garage door security locks.


Garage Flat Roof Replacement
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